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Why do I want a career in Software QA Automation?
There are literally an infinite number of answers to this question! QA sits at the heart of software development, therefore, making it one of the most lucrative jobs in the world today. The answer you think for you going into this career is the best for you! You don’t have to compare yourself with others because this is you, and this is your goal – to become a QA Automation Engineer.
Does this career fit my expectations/goals?
You should know your goals before embarking on this journey. You should know you have to work hard and keep up-to-date with the technologies and trends to be better each and every day. If you want to both code and test a software application, this is the expectation from such a position. Are there challenges? Oh yeah! Every day you are facing new challenges, and every day, you are developing new skills in this area. One thing’s for certain; you won’t be bored that you have to do the same stuff.
What programming languages can I use to write code?
Every programming language can be used to write automated tests. Depending on the project you land on, you will have to use a specific programming language. The most used programming languages in the Automation Testing world are Java, Python, and C#. Here at Quality ProMax, we will work with you on either Java or C#. If there is a desire to learn more and more, you don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with these programming languages. It’s ok because this is your starting point. Nobody is born with this knowledge. You must keep this in mind. My subjective opinion: Java. Why? Because it is cross-platform and there are a lot (and by a lot, I mean A LOT) of online sources, documentation and engineers available to help you to face complex challenges.
Can I just be a manual tester and not an automation engineer?
Sure, but most companies now require their QA Analysts (manual testers) to have automation experience, the same way automation engineers are required to perform manual tests if the need arises. Even business analysts are being required to have automation experience. The reason is software testing is going by way of automation. Virtually all software companies are automating their regression and smoke testing.
How do I get started?
Starting something new can be difficult. When you started to learn how to ride a bike, you probably fell multiple times, but you got back up and continued to improve so that finally, you were able to ride the bike without falling. There is no success without falling. And there is no direct way without curves to succeed. Don’t be afraid to start something new. Quality ProMax will help you start with small steps. We will hold your hands throughout the process until you are comfortable to go into the world by yourself and excel.
What is the job outlook for Software Testing?
Software testers, grouped under software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, are projected to grow by 22 percent between the years of 2022 and 2030. This is nearly three times faster than the national average for all jobs. During this period, this field will witness an employment growth of about 409,500 job openings. So if you want a job as a software tester, in all likelihood, you are going to get one.
What education do I need to become a software tester?
Most software tester jobs require a minimum of a college degree (Associates’ degree with experience or Bachelor’s degree). Some jobs in software testing don’t require applicants to possess a degree. In these cases, you’ll need to have relevant hands-on experience, technical knowledge of how to use performance testing tools and programming languages, and some essential soft skills, such as analytical skills. But to increase your chances of hire, a college degree would be really helpful.
What does Quality ProMax have to offer for my ambition to become a QA automation engineer?
Our goal is to turn you into a software automation engineer ninja! We will start with you from the ground up. We will help you develop a solid foundation in QA, which is very critical. You need to understand the QA bigger picture and all the tools at your disposal. You will not be half-baked; we will give you a robust and solid foundation in software quality assurance which you will continue to build upon in coming years. Trust me, in every step of your career, you will reference us positively!
Are the classes at Quality ProMax in-person or virtual?
Virtual through zoom. Technology has made it very easy to teleconference. There is really no need to meet in person—nothing you want to do in person that we can’t get through zoom. But as we have promised here at QPM, if there is a need to meet you in person, we are open to it. We are going to work with you in achieving your objectives.
What is the duration of the courses?
The full stack software QA engineer training runs for six (6) weeks, while Software automation engineer training runs for four (4) weeks.
What is the difference between full stack software QA analyst training and software automation engineer training?
The Full stack Software QA engineer training will expose you to all our training curricula: Manual testing plus automation testing. The software automation engineer training will focus on how to develop automation scripts.
How much does each training packet cost, and are they refundable?
Full stack software QA engineer training runs for six (6) weeks, and its price is $1000. The Software automation engineer training runs for four (4) weeks, and its price is $700. We require that you attend the first two (2) classes. If, after the two (2) classes, you feel you are not getting your money’s worth, or you feel quality assurance is not your thing, we would refund your money 100%. But we require that you attend at least the first two (2) classes.
When is payment due?
Before the first day of class.
Is there a payment plan?
The only payment plan at Quality ProMax is half of the training cost before the beginning of the class and the other half 2 or 3 weeks (depending on if in 6 or 4 week training) into the training.
Do I need to pay before enrolling in a class?
You do not need to pay the full cost of training to enroll, but you need to make a downpayment of $100, which goes into part of the training cost.
Is my down payment refundable?
Yes, if you cancelled enrolment no later than 15 days before classes commenced.
Will Quality ProMax prep students for job interviews?
Yes! We will help you apply to your first jobs and help build your resume. We will also help you prepare for interviews and conduct some mocks with you.
Do I need to have a computer to join a class?
Yes. Every student must have a personal computer for this class. Our preference is a Windows operating system, but any OS is fine as well.
How large is the class?
10 students per session. However, this is subject to change.
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