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Mission Statement

To build the next generation of software quality assurance ninjas!

Do you enjoy problem-solving and critical thinking? If so, software testing might be the career for you. Software testers are skilled professionals in automated and manual testing who ensure that software products meet the specifications of a client in terms of functionality. If you’re wondering how to become a full-stack QA automation engineer and get a job as one, you have come to the right place.

Here at Quality ProMax, we offer classes designed specifically to help you get trained in quality assurance and become a QA automation engineer. Our experienced software engineer – with over ten (10) years of experience in the software development industry working with leading software companies as a senior software engineer – will work closely with you to help understand and learn the software testing skills that you should acquire to become a successful QA automation engineer. We will also work with you in applying for your first job applications. While getting the job comes down to your ability, we will work our butts off to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your interviews.

Don’t let your skimpy résumé dissuade you. Entry-level positions may require little more than basic clicking and form-fill coding. If you can demonstrate patience, attentiveness, and tenacity, you may be able to break into the field. As a bonus, many companies provide on-the-job training and mentoring. So don’t feel overwhelmed; a QA automation job is something you can land.

Here at QualityProMax, we have designed a 6-week curriculum on how to become a quality assurance analyst and quality assurance automation engineer. During these six (6) weeks, we would teach you:

  • Software testing life cycle
  • Software testing techniques
  • Test case preparation
  • Test execution
  • Bug Reporting

Our focus is on these areas of testing:

  • Front-end testing, which focuses on the application’s user interface.
  • Back-end testing, which exercises the business logic, database structure, and other parts of the application that don’t show directly to users.
  • Systems testing, including the manner in which this application interacts with other systems.
  • Security testing to ensure that the bad guys can’t access the system or exploit vulnerabilities
  • Accessibility testing to make sure that everyone can use the software.
  • How to develop software automation scripts with Java or C# using tools like Selenium, Specflow, Cucumber, TestNG, Postman and many more
  • How to manually test APIs and how to automate its testing.
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